Valorisation & Training

We offer services of putting to work and training your horse. With several years of experience in contact with horses and involved in their valorisation at work, our methods can be summarized by his three words : Respect - Accuracy - Constancy.

We work according to the rhythm and the abilities of the horse, in a progressive and continuous way. The horses stay between 2 to 8 weeks on average, our field of actions being varied.

  • First desensitisations and soft training of your foal

  • First step of training according to ages : Lungeing, Halter, Trail

  • Training for driving : Ski et Roller Joering, Driving

  • Deposit-Sale with valuation at work

It is really important for us to maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with you. We also send you weekly details of the sessions with your pet. In addition, we are committed to getting you actively involved in the work release and are still planning several sessions with you, your horse and us to give you the codes that have been introduced.

Our package start at 150€. We signed a contract that insure both parts.

Below, in video, Big Bang, AMHA stallion who came to be broke for driving.

Ski-joering cheval miniature


We propose you to discover the work of the mini via several activities ;


  • Equitherapy : age, goal, personnal specifications... activities can be arranged according to you, regularly or just for one time. The session last for approx. 1h/1h30 in small groups or individualy.


  • Horse work : young or adult, we welcome you to discover everything we can do with miniature horses : Trail, jumping, long reins, hiking...


  • Animations : school, retirement homes, birthday, wedding/baptism, village fair... whatever you organize, we can offer you an entertainment in accordance with your event.


Driving, Jumping... initiations


We offer session to discover a lot of disciplines : trail, jumping, long reins, ski-joering, roller-joering and driving. The session takes place as well :

  • 15 min of grooming and setting

  • 15 min of meeting with your horse and the place. It will help you find your comfort and balance

  • 15 min of autonomy and under our surveillance and guidance

  • 15 min of grooming and massage

The session cost 25€/person.

Ski-joering cheval miniature