Our foals are born, except in surprise, in box with surveillance camera and foaling detection system (Breeder Alert hanging on the mares halter), thus allowing us more chances to attend the births. We carry out the first basic care while making sure to leave as much as possible the mother and her baby to "get by" (injection of sera, disinfection of the cord and if necessary microlax for evacuation of meconium).

   Miniature horses and more particularly AMHA are much more lively and resourceful than the large foals. In general, they are upright and have their first feed in 15-30 min. They also come more quickly to human and they reached 90% of their adult size at only 1 year.

   Separated from the herd the first days of life to ensure a foal at ease on its feet, we reintroduce the mares and their foals towards 10/15 days of life. First weeks are crucial for desensitization, so we teach them very quickly to accept contact, without constraint, especially on legs and hooves. This allows us to have babies who come without apprehension look for the scraps and who quickly understand the basic rules (respect, calm ...).

   We wean them around 6 months, gradually and always in groups to allow the foals to enter serenely in their teenage period.

Breeding for 2020

We hope for 5 foals in 2020, Velvet, who we had for lease, had covered several mares. They will be scanned in September to confirm their pregnancy.

Grace                                                    Dakota                                                  Halloween

Lost                                                   Vendetta

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