American Miniature Horse

It is a miniature horse breed from the United States. Fruit of the cross of several breeds of small horses or ponies (Shetlands, Welsh Mountain, Thoroughbred Arab ...), the breed has stabilized since the year 1950.

It measures between 78 and 86 cm approx. and must be the replica of a horse in reduced size ; well proportioned. It is therefore possible to meet several "types" of minis, thus resembling races of light horses (Spaniards, Arabic, Quarter), which makes the breeding of these horses all the more interesting. Miniature horses grow up to 90% of their final size on the first year, that's why they need to be sufficiently fed to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Here is a size chart for an AMHA :

Moreover, the miniature horse has exactly the same needs as a large horse, only the proportions change. Like any equine, it is especially gregarious and needs a buddy to be happy. In the image of one hectare for a large one, one must count 1500 m2 of land for a mini.

Not to be confused :

  • The Falabella, originally from Argentina

  • The Toy Horse, originally from England

  • The Shetland Mini, originally from the Shetlands Islands

Ideas received :

  • These are horses before being minis

  • Living inside houses does not suit them at all

  • They are not derived from genetic manipulation

  • They are not "dwarfs". Dwarfism is a blemish that breeders are trying to eradicate and which is characterized by hydrocephalus, aplomb problems and congenital malformations. Most often the cause is too strong a consanguinity which ends with the premature death of the affected individual.

It is the first breed of miniature horses recognized by the Haras Nationaux in France !


What to do


We are often asked what is it for ? "Nothing", if not bring you happiness, otherwise all equestrian disciplines are accessible to it except the climb obviously ! Plus, the miniature horse shows itself particularly voluntary and gifted in Working on foot (longe, long reins, ethology, etc), Jumping in hand, Halter, Carriage, Ski or Roller joering or Equitherapy. It should be known that a mini can draw between 2 and 3 times its weight and weighs on average a hundred kilos; This leaves you with beautiful prospects as to its abilities !

Long reins

Longues rênes cheval miniature
Longues rênes cheval miniature


Obstacle cheval miniature
Longues rênes cheval miniature


Obstacle cheval miniature
Longues rênes cheval miniature

Ski-Roller Joering