About us


Living in the equine world since "always", it is in 2007 that we fell in love with the American Miniature Horse and decided to acquire one. Very quickly, it is what we can do with them that attracts our attention and the selection of our breeders has been made in this perspective.

We chose our horses primarily for their sporting style and their balanced mind. They live in flocks, outside all year long with hay at will if necessary and flaked when necessary (mare pregnant, growing young ...).

Our horses are tested for Colors and Dwarfism. It's a genetic disease who touched miniature horse as other breed. Caused by consanguinity, there is 4 mutations of the main gene, the ACAN D1, D2, D3, D4. When you put two carriers together, you have 25% chance to have a dwarf, which is huge. It's really important to test and to be clear about it to avoid the risks.


All of our horses are free of the ACAN mutations. Our two stallions are also free of the Skeletal Atavism (another form of dwarfism).

The other treatments are similar to those on horses of all other races. In fact, minis are not fragile animals, the fleece they wear in winter and their energy show us well.

All of our horses and foals are present on our website in order to maintain a perfect transparency. Our photographs are not retouched, and our horses do not undergo conditioning (undernutrition, neck wrap or body suit, ...). They are worked on foot in a traditional way, with respect and understanding

We remain at your disposal to answer your questions and to welcome you to make you discover this wonderful companion that is the miniature horse.


Our home


We currently have 2 ha divided into fields. Our AMHA have five paddocks of 2 500 m² and one of 5 000 m² which allow us to make a rolling to have grass almost all the year. Moreover, we put in front of the house a small foaling paddock to take out the mares and their newborn foals the first few days. Our horses live in meadow all the year and come back in box when the weather does not allow us to leave them outside. Being located at 930 m altitude, we enjoy a lot of snow in winter.

A stable of nearly 200 m² is glued to the house, it will allow us, eventually to have a dozen boxes and 2-3 boxes for our big ones. At the moment, we have 2foaling boxes (about 8 m²) equipped with a camera and 4 boxes of 6 m².

Our paddocks are fenced in wood and electric ribbon to avoid a fugue and thus ensure safety and comfort of our horses.

Also, we enjoy a riding area of 15 x 25 m that allows us to work our horses throughout the year.